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Angela S. Liptack, Fiber Artist

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Inspired by the Extraordinary in the everyday

I find great joy and fulfillment in designing and creating art out of fabric.  Not infrequently, art has "happened" when two or more otherwise unacquainted fabric pieces - creased and frayed or flat and squared up - accidentally bumped into each other and became friends.  Time in the studio is a feast of experimentation and discovery, as the fabrics take me on adventures in depth, dimension, metaphor and whimsy. 

"You completely transformed the fabric and in a way that really made it something else. It struck me as really innovative and singular." 

Kelly Baum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Cynthia Hazen Polsky and Leon Polsky Curator of Contemporary Art

winter Show

Shopping during the holidays in Ridgefield? Take time out to see Angela's art at William Pitt Sotheby's office, 470 Main Street (Mon.-Sat., 9 am-5 pm; Sun., 10 am-4 pm). The show, which features eight of her landscape/cityscape works, will be up through January 2018.

Gift certificates are also available. Click on contact, above, to inquire.